Aloe Vera & Amla Juice Combo

A combo that offers holistic nourishment and rich antioxidants to naturally detoxify your body and purify your blood.

This combo offer includes –

Amayu Amla Juice (1 Ltr)
Amayu Aloe Vera Juice (1 Ltr)

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AMAYU ALOE VERA JUICE WITH FIBER – complete nourishment to your body.

Aloe Vera Juice with Fibre is rich in natural nutrients and fibre with great medicinal value. The aloe vera juice is extracted from the green juicy leaves that are rich in fibre. From thousands of years, people have been using aloe vera juice for healing and softening the skin. Our Aloe vera not only ensures hair growth and skin glow but also works as an immunity booster. It is also best known to be useful for burns, skin infections and diabetes. It treats digestive issues, gastrointestinal disorders, reduces inflammation, and promotes a healthy heart.
Stay hydrated all day long.

AMAYU AMLA JUICE – a powerhouse of nutrients.

Called the power of health by many, is reversed for its health benefits and nutritious advantages. According to health experts, regular consumption of Amla juice helps lower cholesterol levels. It also helps in digestion, brings a glow to the skin and hair, and even prevents hair from getting white. Drinking the amla juice daily reduces pimples and oiliness of the skin & scalp.

Our Amla Juice is a natural detoxifier and works as a blood purifier. Amla is known as a vrishya herb, which helps in enhancing all seven tissues, including the reproductive tissue. We understand the pain a woman goes through in her life during those days and that’s why we ensure that our Amla juice helps in reducing menstrual disorders and cramps. We agree with what nutritionists all over the world suggest; taking amla juice in between meals to dispel weakness of the body and mind. We choose the finest of Almas from the wet hilly territories of the Himalaya. Amayu Amla juice has high levels of iron which prevents anemia by increasing the hemoglobin level in the body. It is the new normal for keeping you healthy and fit.

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