Amayu Veg & Fru Wash (500 Ml)

Protect your family with our cleaning solution for fruits and vegetables. It is human safe and helps you live healthier. Made with no perfume, no chlorine and no alcohol, our Veg & Fru Wash is the safest cleaning solutions for your fruits and veggies. It is also helpful in

  • Removing harmful bacteria
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Reducing dirt or harmful chemicals
  • Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh
  • Increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
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AMAYU VEG & FRU WASHDisinfect your fruits and veggies

There is nothing new in saying that fruits and vegetables are the best source of nourishment to the human body. We have always been made to understand that whatever we consume it should be completely clean and hygienic.

Gone are the days when the fruits and vegetables were grown without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals. The fruits and veggies that we consume has become a source of deadliest diseases like covid-19 and cancer.

Our Veg and Fru Wash is developed seeing the current situation and necessity as there is a huge requirement to disinfect our veggies and fruits with 100% natural materials. It completely washes away the commonly used harmful chemicals and pesticides, removes bacteria, clears wax and dirt. You cannot change how veggies and fruits are grown in fields but you can change how you consume them.

Amayu’s Veg and Fru Wash is 100% natural and is not harmful for your hands and even for veggies and fruits. It effectively removes surface chemical pesticides.

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