Raw Chia Flax Seeds

AMAYU Raw chia and flax seeds is brought to you by AMAYU. A pouch packaging is provided for packing the raw and whole seeds in a zipper closure. The seeds may be consumed either raw or by adding them to different foods. Consuming seeds gives enormous health benefits when consumed regularly.

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  • Chia Seeds: Energy: 537 Kcal; Protein: 16.58g; Carbohydrates: 45.43g; Sugars (Naturally Occuring): 0.9g; Added Sugar: 0g; Dietery Fiber: 38.72g; Fats: 32.15g; Saturated Fats: 4.8g;
  • Monounsaturated Fats: 2g; Polyunsaturated Fats: 24.6g; Trans Fat: 0g; Sodium: 16mg,
  • Brown Flax Seeds: Energy: 539.1 Kcal; Protein: 21.6g; Carbohydrates: 33g; Sugars (Naturally Occuring): 4.1g; Added Sugar: 0g; Dietery Fiber: 21.6g; Fats: 35.5g; Saturated Fats: 11g;
  • Monounsaturated Fats: 14.7g; Polyunsaturated Fats: 9.8g; Trans Fat: 0g; Sodium: 66.2mg
  • Rich in nutrients: Both chia seeds & flax seeds are excellent sources of various nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, & healthy fats, which can help support overall health & wellness.,
  • May aid in digestion: Both seeds are high in fiber, which can promote healthy digestion, prevent constipation, & support gut health.
  • In addition, chia seeds can absorb water & form a gel-like substance, which can help promote regularity & reduce inflammation in the gut.
  • Flax seeds contain mucilage, a gel-forming fiber that can help keep stool soft & promote regularity.
  • May help reduce inflammation: Both seeds contain antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help reduce inflammation in the body & potentially lower the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Chia Seeds: Soak 1-1/2 teaspoon Chia seeds in 1/2 glass of water for 20-25 mins. Use them as toppings on porridges, ice cream, Oatmeal, yogurt. It can also be added to baked goodies
  • Flax Seeds: Consume as a snack, sprinkled over breakfast and soups or ground into a powder and added to food.
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